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Single Origin Explorer's Kit

$ 27.00

Venturing from the canopied jungles of Colombia to the volcanic soil of Papua New Guinea, our Explorer's kit will let you experience the world's best coffee growing regions from the comfort of your kitchen table! 

Our Explorer's kit includes three 6 oz bags of our 100% Fair Trade Organic, 100% Arabica, whole bean coffees listed below.

  • Single Origin Papua New Guinea: Notes of black currant and brown sugar are immediately noticed, with subtle notes of cedar, honeycomb and red plum on the finish.
  • Single Origin Mexican Chiapas: This savory coffee is highlighted by an incredible natural sweetness, and features notes of vanilla, blueberry and red velvet cupcake
  • Single Origin Colombia: This light roast coffee is well balanced, with a very full body and showcases notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel

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