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Three Blend Starter Kit

$ 27.00

*Due to extremely high demand, our 6 ounce kits are temporary out of stock. 

Wake. Brew. Rescue. Repeat.™

We believe that these four simple words can change the world! And, with your support, we are going to provide a second chance for every pup in need of a helping hand.

Deciding which blend to try first? Looking for the perfect gift but can't decide which beans to send? Or, maybe you just like mixing up your morning brew to match your mood. Our Three Blend Sample Pack is here to help! 

Our sample pack includes three bags of our 100% Fair Trade Organic blends listed below (available in 6 oz. & 12 oz. bags).

Choose whether you'd like Whole Bean or Ground!

  • Morning Walk Breakfast Blend: Great structure and a full body, with tasting notes that range from from citrus and cherry to cocoa and toasted nuts.
  • Paper & Slippers Medium Roast: Hints of brownie and toasted nuts are immediately noticed, followed by blackberry and blueberry on the finish
  • Alpha Blend Dark Roast: Big and bold dark roast, upfront notes of cocoa, vanilla, nutmeg, with a silky, full bodied finish

*Due to extremely high demand, please allow 3-4 days to ship

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